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Essentially, there are three types of rice milled in PAFPL unit – Brown Rice, Parboiled rice, Steamed rice& raw rice.

PAFPL produces the originally Brown rice from which only the hull has been removed. Its high fiber and oil content along with a delight in taste makes PAFPL Brown rice a nutritional choice. It has become the top preferred among health-conscious ones all over the world.

PAFPL major inproducing parboiled rice. It is important to know that parboiling plays a significant role in milling process. Parboiling is done by soaking the grains that causes them to swell and helps essential nutrients, such as thiamine, to migrate from the bran to the kernel of the grain. Parboiling is followed by drying when the rice temperature and moisture content are gradually reduced. This involves steaming or treating the rice with heat that makes the starch to be retained at right level and obviously comes the perfect PAFPL’s Parboiled rice.

Nutrition and healthiness, that’s where PAFPL rice rating ten on ten!

Those who love soft taste of rice, PAFPL offers steamed rice which is obtained by steaming the paddy at atmospheric pressure. Steaming increases elongation, width enlargement, water uptake, cooking time and decreases the solid loss. PAFPL’s steamed rice is extra-long& white and has a beautiful refined aroma as it is processed at PAFPL’s extremely advanced production unit under the direction of highly skilled professionals.

All these processes are done in the company’s modern plant which was set up with highly sophisticated machinery from the world’s leading manufacturers. The company’s main milling plant was sourced from Satake of Japan which is world’s oldest company for food grains technology.

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