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Welcome to Pattabhi Agro Foods

" Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited " is engaged in paddy purchases, processing, milling and grading of rice and its bi-products. It primarily concentrate on processing and trading of agro commodities. Each of this activity is being handled by us with the most care. We are one of the largest exporters in Indian Rice from South India.

Quality Commitment


Prime Grading & Quality Checks

PAFPL tails strict quality control measures using the latest technologies. All these rigid quality control processes make sure that delectable and nourishing rice are processed completely untouched by hands.

"Every time you cook a PAFPL product, the unmatched taste is a tell- saga sign of perfect quality, uncompromising purity and lip-beating taste"

Each grain of rice is graded to match quality, size and colour perfectly using Colour Sortex technology. From reducing the moisture in paddy to grading, everything is done in compliance with universal standards.

Nutrition and healthiness, that’s where PAFPL rice rating ten on ten!

Those who love soft taste of rice, PAFPL offers steamed rice which is obtained by steaming the paddy at atmospheric pressure. Steaming increases elongation, width enlargement, water uptake, cooking time and decreases the solid loss. PAFPL’s steamed rice is extra-long& white and has a beautiful refined aroma as it is processed at PAFPL’s extremely advanced production unit under the direction of highly skilled professionals.

All these processes are done in the company’s modern plant which was set up with highly sophisticated machinery from the world’s leading manufacturers. The company’s main milling plant was sourced from Satake of Japan which is world’s oldest company for food grains technology.

Our Network

With a strong ‘positive’ culture principal in PAFPL, the company has developed from the support of green fields to reach the international shores. Under its determined plans of reaching out to international geographies and trade at international market, PAFPL has gone truly global by becoming India’s premium non-Basmati rice to be exported around the world.

"PAFPLrelishes competitive advantage of loyal management and market control through its strong network covering India extensively, and expanding abroad as well."

Our network in India spreads across more cities covering around 5 states in India and the whole world appreciating PAFPL products.

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