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" Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited " is engaged in paddy purchases, processing, milling and grading of rice and its bi-products. It primarily concentrate on processing and trading of agro commodities. Each of this activity is being handled by us with the most care. We are one of the largest exporters in Indian Rice from South India.

Ageing & Storage


Worth through Technology

"The towering Silos, all made of stainless steel, reflect the company’s strength and commitment towards precision and perfect processing of paddy”

PAFPL using the steel silos to store the grain instead of using warehouses provides many advantages like :

  • The first advantage lies in the occupied ground surface. This method requires less ground space, which is important if space is not available or if its cost is high like at ports.

  • Another advantage lies in how easy it is to keep the optimum storage conditions for the grain, by controlling the temperature, insects, birds etc.

  • The third advantage consists of lower costs than that experienced from using warehouses, which involves the automation of the grain transport equipment.

  • Finally, we have the fact that it is less expensive overall, and this is possibly the main advantage in comparison to grain warehouses.

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