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Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited is one of the largest technologically advanced rice mills in India, located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh - India, the company has become one of India’s leading rice exporter.

India is a leading rice exporter and Pattabhi Agro holds 10% of the nine million tons of market share. Founded in Velpur by Mr. Pattabhi Chowdary in 1940 the company has flourished and has been further guided by his son Mr. B Ramachandra Rao , A family of pioneers, the company moved into the organized sector and were the first to introduce color sortex machinery to India in the 1980s. Mr. BV Krishna Rao & Mr. BVVSK Govind, third generation entrepreneurs, held the companies hands and moved forward by focusing on enhancing the quality of rice while working on more cost effective methods. They started improving the organization by establishing high technique automated cost efficient independent and integrated power generating plant in 2009. The company achieved a major milestone after commissioning the production and the plant was set up with the capacity of 2400 metric tons of milling per day across 30 acres acres on land surrounding the Kakinada Port. With efficient machinery and efforts towards quality assurance sets the company apart from its competitors while giving its buyers more reason to trust the company. The quality paddy is procured from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Coastal states.

The paddy which is transported to the plant by company owned trucks for processing is subjected to quality guessed to determine high grade quality in the firm’s quality testing lab. The quality inspectors and lab technicians analyse and oversee so that only quality paddy is procured. Quality paddy is reclaiming and stored in temperature control silos and ware houses for further processing. The pre-cleaned paddy is further sent to test and to whole machines to rub off excessing husk for clean paddy. Once husk removed rice separated by using paddy separator, brown rice is being ready for milling. The brown rice builds ready to remove bran later the rice to polisher for smooth and surface of the rice is lightening. The rice is passed through optic electronic colour soften to remove the rice pieces’ yellow and imaginal rice.

The plant’s machinery imported from japan and Denmark. the plant his supervises and controlled by fully automated DCL system with minimal common invention to preserve rice quality. the finished rice is stored by overhead packing machines for packing. The packed rice is transported to final quality checks connected by international buyers and third party agencies such as BUREAU VERITAS and SGS. the rice is loaded on the vessel and exported to various destinations. Pattabhi Agro Foods produced the rice and exported to various destinations such as South east & west African countries. the dedicated logistics team has capability to fix the capability having 6000 to 40000 metric tons’ cargo. they have a strongest distribution network to market their house brand Lohitha.

Pattabhi Agro Foods Pvt Ltd is supplying rice to many of the world's leading export trading companies like Nidera, Louis Dreyfus, Olam, ADM, Voest Alpine etc. offering them reliability, quality, and delivery. Pattabhi Agro Foods Pvt Ltd is fully aware of its responsibility towards the community and the environment and strives to protect them in the countries we operate. The company is aware and takes immense responsibility towards the community and environment and strives to create a global economy that respects its agriculturists. Our local brand LOHITHA caters to all South Indian States.