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Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited (PAFPL), located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, is one of India’s largest and most technologically advanced rice mills. As a leading rice exporter, PAFPL plays a significant role in India's global rice market presence with its trusted Lohitha brand.

Key Highlights
• Founded: 1940 by Mr. Pattabhi Chowdary
• Leadership: Pioneered by the late Mr. B. Ramachandra Rao; currently led by Mr. B.V. Krishna Rao and Mr. B.V.V.S.K. Govind
• Location: 60-acre site near Kakinada Port

Production Capacities
• Paddy to Rice: 2,400 tons per day
• Solvent Extraction: 300 tons per day
• Refinery: 150 tons per day
• Rava: 150 tons per day
• Chakki Fresh Atta: 100 tons per day
• Integrated Plant: Includes automated and cost-efficient power generation

Quality and Technology
• Advanced Machinery: Imported from Japan and Denmark
• Automated Systems: Fully automated DCL system to minimize manual intervention and ensure top-quality rice
• Quality Control: Rigorous quality checks by inspectors and lab technicians

Logistics and Distribution
• Transportation: Owns over 150 trucks for paddy transportation
• Employment: Employs over 1,500 people
• Export Markets: Exports rice to destinations including Southeast and West Africa
• Brand Distribution: Markets the Lohitha brand through a strong distribution network across South Indian states

Commitment to Excellence
• Innovative Leader: First in India to introduce color sortex machinery in the 1980s
• Community Responsibility: Dedicated to community and environmental responsibility
• Quality Assurance: Ensures quality checks by international agencies like BUREAU VERITAS and SGS

• Product Range: High-quality rice offerings, including premium basmati rice and non-basmati rice
• Regional Focus: LOHITHA caters to diverse South Indian consumer needs

Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited (PAFPL) is dedicated to continuous quality improvement, innovation, and sustainability, making it a trusted name in the rice industry, both locally and globally. Explore our high-quality rice, rava, atta, and rice bran oil, and experience the best rice from Andhra Pradesh with our trusted Lohitha brand.