Terms of use

Purchaser agrees to pay for product in accordance with Seller’s standard payment terms as set forth on Seller’s invoice. Terms of payment are subject to revision by Seller at any time.

Purchaser is not entitled to set-off amounts due or claimed due from Seller against any amounts Purchaser owes to Seller. Any increase in rail, intermodal, truck freight or fuel surcharge is for Purchaser’s account. If any additional specifications or shipping instructions are required, Purchaser shall furnish them in writing to Seller not less than thirty (30) days before contract date of shipment. In the absence of such written specifications or shipping instructions, Seller, at its option, may either ship the product to Purchaser or may retain the product in its possession for account of Purchaser, and in either case, may invoice the product to Purchaser and such invoice is due and payable on presentation; or Seller may at its option request Purchaser to take delivery within a specific time and if Purchaser does not there upon take delivery within a specific time, the neglect or refusal of Purchaser shall be a breach of the entire contract.